Infant massage

Babies love massage – and massaging your baby is more than a lovely bonding experience. Massage can also help with:

  • Crying time – various studies have shown infants who are massaged cry less.
  • Improved sleep – by increasing serotonin levels and regulating melatonin, massage can help regulate sleep patterns.
  • Pre-term infants research has shown that infants receiving touch therapy and massage gain weight faster and are discharged earlier.
  • Emotions and mood – because of the serotonin and improved dopamine levels, which are believed to play an important role in regulating anger, aggression, temperature, mood and appetite.
  • Wind, colic, reflux and constipation – by stimulating the elimination of waste and abdominal wind.
  • Sinus and chest congestion – by promoting sinus drainage.
  • Immune system health.
  • Stress hormone levels – both you and bub will feel this advantage.
  • Early diagnosis – you’re more likely to notice any changes in your child’s physical condition if you massage them.
  • Eczema – a UK study showed significant improvement in symptoms through massage.
  • Coordination – studies have shown that infant massage improves left/right brain communication.
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It’s more than just massage – it’s the ability for you to understand some body and sound cues from your baby. It’s also a great way to connect mentally, physically and emotionally.

I can help you learn how to massage your baby in the most effective way.

My son Lachlan is 8 years old now and almost every Sunday night I try to find the time to massage him. He’s quick to remind me. 🙂

Lachie grew up with Reflexology and Massage from a very young age in Singapore. Through massage and visiting a Paediatric Osteopath we were able to manage his severe reflux and poor sleeping pattern in the first six months of his life.

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