• When can you start treating me?
    As soon as you get home from hospital after birth – unless medical approval is required, for example if you’ve had a caesarian or complications.
  • Is it too late for treatment?
    It’s best to start treatment as early as you can, to start the healing and strengthening process. But it’s never too late – if you’re already a few months down the track and you’ve only found me now, that is no problem. Please reach out and contact me.
  • Where will you treat me?
    Your bedroom or baby’s room would be the best. It’s a sanctuary, where you will connect with your baby, where it’s easy to rest and feed.
  • What should I wear for the nurturing experience?
    It works well to wear a dressing gown with loose fitting underwear underneath. Your modesty will be respected at all times.
  • What should I have ready for you?
    I’ll need three to four large bath towels, your favourite sleeping pillow and easy access to a bathroom with warm water. I might access your kitchen to make you a cup of tea too.
  • Do I need to have someone else look after my baby while you are here?
    No – it’s time together and I’ll help you. I continue working on your side while you feed and I will help settle your little one after the feed.
  • What about toddlers in the house?
    That’s OK too. We might have some interruptions, but we’ll work through this together.
  • How long do I need to wear everything? 
    You’ll need to keep the product, wraps and bandages on for 24hrs. About 45 minutes before I arrive the next day, you have a shower, wash your hair and remove all bandages for me to collect. I’ll have a new set with me and take away the used for washing and sterilisation.
  • Will you treat me on my bed?
    No; I bring my own relaxing futon floor mattress for you. It’s big enough for you, me and baby.
  • Will I be able to do things with the bandages and wraps on?
    Yes: you can walk, drive the car, make dinner, sleep and operate around the house as normal. It took me two sessions to get used to the sensation
  • What if my baby is late or things out of my control change?
    Then you just keep me posted and I’ll work around you and your baby.
  • What do I wear afterwards?
    Something loose fitting and comfortable is ideal.
  • Will this help me go back to work sooner?
    Everybody is individual, but this treatment can help the body to heal and strengthen much faster. It may help you feel work-ready sooner if this is what you had planned versus staying home for a longer period.


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