Post Natal Care – Jamu Practitioner

I’m Jackie Gorman, a practitioner who specialises in post natal binding, wrapping, and Jamu massage. I myself was blessed to receive this experience at the hands of Hana when our son Lachlan was born in Singapore. You can hear more about me on The Remarkableness podcast.

My own exhausting labour lasted 36 hours and ended with my son being extracted via vacuum. Afterwards I suffered from terrible back pain, aching muscles and joints, constipation and water retention.  I remember feeling overwhelmed by the pain, discomfort and emotion. I felt anxious when I returned home from hospital even though my husband, mum and friends were providing all the support they could.

We lived in Asia at the time and I enlisted the help of an amazing Jamu Practitioner called Hana thanks to a friend’s recommendation. She spent two weeks with me, binding, wrapping and applying herbs to my abdomen and massaging me every day. By day five I started to feel the benefits: back pain subsided, my other symptoms had improved and I felt more settled. By the second week the three-finger gap in my abdominal muscles had shrunk to one finger.

I was so impressed by my recovery that it planted a seed and later I became a Jamu Practitioner myself. I’m very excited to bring this unique therapy back home with me.

We also benefitted from massaging Lachie, which helped with his reflux and my anxiety post birth. As a trained massage therapist with paediatric qualifications, I also teach parents how best to massage their babies. Infant massaging facilitates the bonding experience as well as supporting health benefits for the mum and new baby.

I’d like to be there for you when you get home. To nurture and care for you for two weeks, bringing the ancient ritual of Jamu to the sanctuary of your home; so you can care for your baby and family.