Jackie’s story

I’m originally from South Africa – I left in 1992 when I was 21 to work as an Au Pair in America. I travelled for two years, meeting my Australian future husband along the way.

Travel and work completed, I returned to South Africa to work in the skin and wellness industry and continued a long distance relationship. Finally in 1997 I followed love, moving to Australia.

We spent the next few years in Australia and I worked for a variety of cosmetic and wellness companies. I’ve been a Spa Director, a Sales & Training Manager, a Market Development & Training Manager, a Consultant and a Spa Business Development Manager.

In 2004, we moved to London so that I could take a job setting up the European operations for an Australian wellness company. A year later, the global financial crisis hit and my role in Europe was made redundant. I jumped at the opportunity of a three month break to complete my masters thesis through SCU. After completing my thesis and qualifying with a Masters of Marketing Management Degree, I worked as a Project Director for a Spa Design & Consultancy firm called Wheway Lifestyle, working on projects in Poland, Tenerife and Morocco.

It was exciting times for both of us. As my husband’s career became more international, it wasn’t possible to live in London and see enough of him. So I resigned and we headed to South Africa together. I spent time with family, helped to renovate my mum’s house, participated in endurance cycling events and traveled and spent more time with my husband.

We finally settled in Singapore where, after trying for four years, I finally fell pregnant aged 39. And it was here that, through pre natal classes, yoga and pilates, I met Hana.

My experience with Hana was profoundly beneficial – physically, emotionally and psychologically. This experience planted a thought that’s never gone away.

Devastatingly, my marriage came to an end and I returned to Australia at the end of 2014. With boxes around me, a glass of red in my left hand, and tears streaming down my cheeks, I drew a very simple business plan. On a white board leant up against the wall, a broader picture of that seed that Hana had planted in 2010 emerged.

That seed has become Nurture by Touch.

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