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This is my core offering: for two weeks soon after birth, I’ll visit you on week days for the Jamu treatment. We’ll start with the healing post natal massage followed by product application to your abdomen, depending on the specific symptoms you are experiencing. Next come the bandages and wraps, with a core girdle secured over the top for further support.

You will be in this over night. Shortly before I arrive the next day, you will remove it and shower ready for your next treatment. You can function in all these layers quite comfortably. You’ll be able to see to the needs of your baby, drive, breast feed and so on.

This is the mechanical side of the treatment. But Nurture by Touch is about more than binding and wrapping and massage. I allow 90 minutes for the nurturing time together. But babies don’t work to a timetable and there will be interruptions so I work with you and the rhythm of your baby.

Your treatment experience will end with a gentle meditation and breathing session. This is a great opportunity to bond with your little one. The physical, emotional and psychological experience will help you heal and stay calm and be open to this journey you are about to embark on. That’s important be it your first, second or third-plus time around.

Remember: there is no one book for this journey. Be kind to yourself, take it day by day, leave expectations behind you and know you are doing your best.

Once you’re through the initial two week period, we’ll talk about how I can support you further. I continued to see Hana for massage, binding and other support – but it’s up to you. I’m there for you if you need me – just get in touch.

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NBT experience

I will nurture the new mother during ten two to three hour treatments over two weeks in the comfort of her home.


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