Understanding products & ingredients

Following a comprehensive consultation, I choose the appropriate ingredients for you. I consider what your body went through during the birth experience and any symptoms you’re experiencing once you’re home. Of course, we discuss any allergies and contraindications to ensure that the treatment is safe for you.

I don’t use plants at any stage during pregnancy (neither do I treat during pregnancy) – but I do use them post birth in a variety of ways.

I have taken my time to select products to achieve the benefits I need in the Jamu ritual of nurturing a mum post birth. I researched indigenous aboriginal ingredients, botanicals, herbs and plants from Australia. I now work with specific aboriginal Earth Ochres & Botanicals from Li’Tya and Australian herbs, plants and teas from The Herb Store.

All applications are for external abdominal usage and nothing is consumed other than a relaxing herbal tea at the end of your nurturing experience. As part of the traditional Malay/Indonesian Jamu ritual I use the below ingredients, applied to the abdomen:

  • The red earth clay ochre helps with detoxification and contains high levels of minerals. This ochre contains a mix of iron oxide, bentonite and kaolin, macadamia nut oil, grapefruit seed oil, silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc, blue cypress and native mint.
  • The yellow earth clay ochre is warming, soothing and focuses on anxiety and insomnia. It’s rich in minerals such as silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc
  • The grey earth clay ochre is deeply healing due to the ingredient peat which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, relaxes aching muscles and joints and can help with the elimination of toxins. It also contains pepperberry, tasmanian kelp and native mint

The herbal tea blends could include one of the following dependant on the symptoms you are experiencing:

  • A Herbal ACE Antioxidant blend to support you post birth. A very strong antioxidant tea blend
  • A Herbal Detox blend to support detoxification post birth
  • A Herbal Headache Relief blend to alleviate water retention, aches and general pain
  • A Health Tonic blend to support your immunity post birth
  • A Sleep Seeker blend to assist your sleeping pattern and reduce stress and anxiety
  • A Mothers Milk blend of fenugreek, fennel, aniseed, caraway, lemon verbena and raspberry
  • Yulu tea blend which contains a variety of Australia myrtles, wild rosella, wild lime and davidson plum